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Moonbeam Rider EP

Slugabed - Moonbeam Rider EP

Greg Feldwick aka Slugabed presents his first EP for Ninja Tune, five tracks deep and, in the words of The Quietus, crafting 'all the best bits of current American pop culture and distilling it along with UK bass music into a typically skeptical Brit attitude.' Epic, spacey, channeling funk and soul through stumbling, glitched-out electronics and slathers of unfeasible bass, Slugabed is a man of many styles. Funny, clever, referential, sometimes moving and never anything but completely himself, Slugabed is a substantial new presence in UK bass music.

Originally from Bath but now based in London, Feldwick has had releases with Stuff, Ramp and Planet Mu, plus remixes for the likes of Starkey, Eprom and Kelpe. Key supporters have included Benji B and Mary Anne Hobbs. With his debut album nearing completion many more will be coming on board soon. Take a ride.

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"Heck Flex"


  1. 1. Moonbeam Rider
  2. 2. Heck Flex
  3. 3. My Sense of Smell Comes and Goes
  4. 4. Tomorrow Morning
  5. 5. Nu Krak Swing

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