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Slim Thug
Tha Thug Show

Slim Thug - Tha Thug Show

Slim Thug is one of Houston's finest. With two well received solo albums to his credit and three group albums with his Boss Hogg Outlawz, Tha Thug Show is Slim's second outing for Eone Music and the follow up to Boss of all Bosses, which spawned the hits 'I Run' and 'Thug.'

The new Thug Show album already has one massive hit, 'So High' featuring B.o.B, which is exploding at radio right now and the album surely promises to deliver more hits.

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"So High (Co-Starring B.o.B)"


  1. 1. Tha Thug Show
  2. 2. The Sky
  3. 3. Gangsta (Co-Starring Z-Ro)
  4. 4. How We Do It (Co-Starring Rick Ross)
  5. 5. Movie (Co-Starring Rimidi)
  6. 6. Neighborhood Supa Stars (Co-Starring Nipsey Hustle & Yo Gotti)
  7. 7. 100's (Co-Starring Big Chief & Lil Keke)
  8. 8. Beat It Up (Co-Starring Dallas Blocker)
  9. 9. So High (Co-Starring B.o.B)
  10. 10. Free
  11. 11. Celebration
  12. 12. Caddy Music (Co-Starring Devin The Dude)
  13. 13. Coming From (Co-Starring J-Dawg & Big Krit)
  14. 14. Murda
  15. 15. Do It Again (Co-Starring Keisa)