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The Boston Project

Slaine - The Boston Project

Known for spitting his grimy rhymes as a member of rap super group La Coka Nostra, Slaine has returned proudly waving the flag for the Boston hip-hop scene with the release of his sophomore album, The Boston Project. The album is not only an ode to the city of Boston, but also an opportunity for Slaine to pay tribute to the music scene that spawned him.

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"Evolution Of The Kid"


  1. 1. Evolution Of The Kid
  2. 2. Nothin' But Business (Featuring BR & V Knuckles)
  3. 3. Bloodthirsty (Featuring 357 & Phinelia)
  4. 4. Loyalty (Featuring Kali & Twice Thou)
  5. 5. Buildin' With Edo (Featuring Edo G)
  6. 6. Polaroid Picture (Featuring J The S, Dutch Rebelle & Cyrus Deshield)
  7. 7. Cocaine & Whiskey (Featuring Amadeus the Stampede & Moroney)
  8. 8. Zombie Land (Featuring Rite Hook)
  9. 9. Bible Pages (Featuring Big Kurt, Shizz Vicious, Lateb, Esoteric & Moroney)
  10. 10. Rats Maze (Featuring Newz and Lecks Get It On)
  11. 11. Coke Money Jones (Featuring Easy Money & Chilla Jones)
  12. 12. Bad Guy (Featuring Millyz & Smoke Bulga)
  13. 13. Something To Believe In (Featuring Lou Armstrong, Patrick Starr, Moroney & Blanco)
  14. 14. Back Where I'm From (Featuring Piff & Singapore)
  15. 15. The Fuckery Hotel ( Featuring Kali & Reks)
  16. 16. Faster Than Time (Featuring Dre Robinson & DL)
  17. 17. Hero (Featuring Jaysaun & Checkmark)