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Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy - Handover

More than their peers or any new-jack pretenders operating in the electronic milieu, charismatic frontman/conceptualist Ogre and electronics avatar Cevin Key - aka Skinny Puppy - have always reacted against the greater consciousness. Their 14th album, handover, centers not only on the unbridled greed of the world's financial organizations and the governments that enable them, but the climate of political impotence which makes people resign their fate, no matter how insidious the situation gets. In typical Puppy form, handover finds the duo moving forward while still maintaining that sense of aural discovery that has been a hallmark of their 26-year career.

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  1. 1. Ovirt
  2. 2. Cullorblind
  3. 3. Wavy
  4. 4. Ashas
  5. 5. Gambatte
  6. 6. Icktums
  7. 7. Point
  8. 8. Brownstone
  9. 9. Vyrisus
  10. 10. Village
  11. 11. Noisex