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Coffee: Strong Brew Edition

SJ - Coffee: Strong Brew Edition

Coffee: Strong Brew Edition is SJ's first full length commercial studio recorded LP, featuring award-winning and radio charting songs from his EP entitled Coffee and 7 additional tracks. Strong Brew features musical performances by various South Florida artists, blending a spectrum of acoustic string arrangements, SJ's raspy vocals, and carefully-placed harmonies on top of a Miami-type percussive pulse that elevates the folk/singer-songwriter songs into an acoustic rock and light pop presence.Strong Brew was produced by SJ, Oszy Carmona and Peter Finley, mixed by Grammy winner Bob Rosa, and mastered by Ryan Smith of Sterling Sound. It was recorded at Outer Reach Music Studios in Miami, Florida.

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"Let Me Be"


  1. 1. I Like You (Radio Version)
  2. 2. I Am (Featuring Joshua Stedman & Randy Singer)
  3. 3. Coffee (Featuring Cat Shell)
  4. 4. That Is All
  5. 5. Let Me Be
  6. 6. Breathe
  7. 7. It's Not Me
  8. 8. Almost Good Enough
  9. 9. Oh Captain (Featuring Erica Sommer)
  10. 10. Fresh Soul (Featuring Randy Singer)
  11. 11. Go Your Way
  12. 12. Tonight You Are Perfect (Acoustic) (Featuring Ruti Machnai)
  13. 13. In My Plan
  14. 14. It's Alright (Reprise)
  15. 15. Until The End Of Time (Reprise)
  16. 16. Let Me Be (Hot A/C Remix)
  17. 17. Coffee (Radio Edit)
  18. 18. Lo Mejor De Mi
  19. 19. Breathe (Electronica) (Peter Finley Remix)