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Show Me The Body
Dog Whistle

Show Me The Body - Dog Whistle

This record was heavily influenced by the band’s trip to Auschwitz a few years ago. For instance, the first track is about an orchestra in a concentration camp – “I am a doll upon a string / They pull it I have to sing / So no work will set me free.” They reference a “shoe room” in the music video which is where the Nazi's threw all of the belongings of those they were killing in the gas chambers. The album title, Dog Whistle, is a nod at the current state of the world. It is recommended that you listen to the record while reading along to the lyrics.

TAGS: Alternative | Punk | Rock

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"Madonna Rocket"


  1. 1. Camp Orchestra
  2. 2. Not For Love
  3. 3. Animal In A Dream
  4. 4. Badge Grabber
  5. 5. Drought
  6. 6. Forks And Knives
  7. 7. Now I Know
  8. 8. Madonna Rocket
  9. 9. Arcanum
  10. 10. Die For The Earth To Live
  11. 11. USA Lullaby

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Dec 04
    Brooklyn, NY, US Show Me The Body at Warsaw
  • Jun 10
    Mannheim, Germany Maifeld Derby 2022
  • Jun 24
    Manchester, UK OUTBREAK FEST 2022
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