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Sherri Roberts
Lovely Days

Sherri Roberts - Lovely Days

Every recording by San Francisco vocalist Sherri Roberts shares two defining characteristics, an intuitive mind-meld with a master instrumentalist, and a smartly curated array of undeservedly neglected songs. Her new CD Lovely Days, featuring her pillowy, pleasing unaffected vocals, highlights both aspects of her artistry.

A duo session for Pacific Coast Jazz, and her fourth recording as a leader, it's an intimate, emotionally incisive celebration of the American Songbook's infrequently turned back pages showcasing the brilliant but little-documented Bay Area pianist Bliss Rodriguez.

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"It's A Lovely Day Today/Isn't It A Lovely Day"


  1. 1. It's A Lovely Day Today/Isn't It A Lovely Day
  2. 2. What'll I Do
  3. 3. Nice 'N' Easy
  4. 4. Soon It's Gonna Rain
  5. 5. Heart And Soul
  6. 6. We Kiss In A Shadow/I Have Dreamed
  7. 7. Our Love Rolls On
  8. 8. I'm All Smiles
  9. 9. Come Dance With Me
  10. 10. Like A Lover
  11. 11. Moon River
  12. 12. Hit The Road To Dreamland

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