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A Short Story About A War

Shad - A Short Story About A War

Shad is a Canadian rapper with four solo albums under his belt, one R&B side-project, a Master’s degree, and numerous accolades. His highly-anticipated concept album entitled A Short Story About A War tells the story of a fictional world consumed by war, with various factions and philosophies clashing, and in the middle of it all, one character who doesn’t believe in the power of bullets. The poetic storytelling weaves its way through themes of migration, environment, economics, politics, and most critically, the deepest parts of our spirit.

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"The Fool Pt 1 (Get It Got It Good)"


  1. 1. Intro: Sniper
  2. 2. The Revolution/The Establishment
  3. 3. The Stone Throwers (Gone In A Blink)
  4. 4. Get It Got It Good Intro
  5. 5. The Fool Pt 1 (Get It Got It Good)
  6. 6. Magic Intro
  7. 7. Magic (Featuring Lido Pimienta)
  8. 8. The Fool Pt 2 (Water)
  9. 9. Sniper Interlude
  10. 10. Peace/War
  11. 11. The Fool Pt 3 (Frame Of Mind)
  12. 12. Another Year (Featuring Ian Kamau & Eternia)
  13. 13. All I Need (Featuring Yukon Blonde)