New Releases For April 6, 2010

Secret & Whisper
Teenage Fantasy

Secret & Whisper - Teenage Fantasy

Canada's finest, Secret & Whisper, are back at it! With their follow up to Great White Whale, the band pulled out all the stops, working with producer Jeff Schneeweis (Hawthorne Heights, Number One Gun) to craft a masterpiece that leaves you inspired and moved. Teenage Fantasy is an album showcasing a band at its prime, pushing the status-quo of rock.

Secret & Whisper have made a name for themselves across the globe, from sold out shows on the West Coast to playing Japan's Loud Rock Festival, Secret & Whisper is known for their live performances and relentlessly catchy, guitar driven rock songs.


  1. 1. Youth Cats
  2. 2. Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)
  3. 3. Bedroom Galaxy
  4. 4. Tiny Sparkle
  5. 5. Famous For A Century
  6. 6. Edge Of Wilderness
  7. 7. Pretty Snarl
  8. 8. Star Blankets
  9. 9. Blush
  10. 10. Whale Bones
  11. 11. Silver Mountain