New Releases For May 10, 2011

Sebastian Tellier

Sebastian Tellier - Sexuality

Produced by Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Momem Christo, who describes Tellier as 'maybe the best singer and composer in France today,' this latest effort combines Tellier's sentimental electro touch with lush strings and atmospherics. He describes it as 'intellectual R&B... music that would sexually excite people in an Italian or Latin sense of sexual music.'

Included in the stellar 11-track lineup is the light-hearted 'Divine,' a brilliant homage to early-'80s synth pop built on sampled voice fragments and featuring the album's most immediately arresting melody.

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  1. 1. Roche
  2. 2. Kilometer
  3. 3. Look
  4. 4. Divine
  5. 5. Pomme
  6. 6. Une Heure
  7. 7. Sexual Sportswear
  8. 8. Elle
  9. 9. Fingers Of Steel
  10. 10. Manty
  11. 11. L'Amour Et La Violence