New Releases For May 24, 2011

Sean Jones
No Need For Words

Sean Jones - No Need For Words

The sixth release from Sean Jones - No Need for Words.

'Trumpeter Sean Jones continues to develop into a formidable player, composer and all-around in-demand guy.' - National Public Radio

'Mr. Jones is a trumpeter with an incisive tone and a firm grasp of jazz traditions.' - New York Times

'Sean Jones is the complete trumpeter. He has it all: tone, technique, range, incredible imagination and, most importantly, the commitment to his own musical vision. Sean Jones is a beast!' - Marcus Miller

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"No Need For Words"


  1. 1. Look And See
  2. 2. Olive Juice
  3. 3. Momma
  4. 4. Touch And Go
  5. 5. No Need For Words
  6. 6. Obsession (Cloud Nine)
  7. 7. Love's Fury
  8. 8. Forgiveness (Release)

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