New Releases For May 26, 2017

Sean Jones
Live From Jazz At The Bistro

Sean Jones - Live From Jazz At The Bistro

Live From Jazz At The Bistro, Sean Jones’ eighth album for Mack Avenue Records and arguably the most dynamic, playful and loose-limbed excursion of his career. He brings a stalwart poise, the fire of ecstasy and a whimsy in motion. “In a nutshell, I’ve been wanting to do a live album for a while,” he says. “I wanted to capture the band’s energy live and record what it’s like to go to one of my gigs. Granted, recording in a studio creates a polished sound where the music is all tied up. But this album, it’s real raw.”

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"Piscean Dichotomy"


  1. 1. Art’s Variable
  2. 2. Lost, Then Found
  3. 3. Piscean Dichotomy
  4. 4. Doc’s Holiday
  5. 5. The Ungentrifed Blues
  6. 6. Prof
  7. 7. BJ’s Tune

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