New Releases For September 28, 2010

6: Commitment

Seal - 6: Commitment

Commitment finds London-born, three-time Grammy Award winner Seal re-teaming with renowned music maestro David Foster, who also produced 2008's Soul, Seal's stunning covers collection of soul classics.

While showcasing Seal's one-of-a-kind husky baritone, ear for unforgettable melodies, and unique lyrical point of view, songs such as 'Secret,' 'The Weight of My Mistakes,' 'Best of Me,' and 'If I'm Any Closer,' delve into the emotions surrounding love, family, and commitment, hence the title.


  1. 1. If I'm Any Closer
  2. 2. Weight Of My Mistakes
  3. 3. Silence
  4. 4. Best Of Me
  5. 5. All For Love
  6. 6. I Know What You Did
  7. 7. The Way I Lie
  8. 8. Secret
  9. 9. You Get Me
  10. 10. Letting Go
  11. 11. Big Time

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