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Scout Durwood
Take One Thing Off

Scout Durwood - Take One Thing Off

Many years before she made audiences laugh starring on MTV’s Mary + Jane (produced by Snoop Dogg) and Oxygen’s Funny Girls, Scout knew that being different was her greatest strength. That free spirit defines her new album. After spending nearly five years as a draw in New York’s burlesque scene, Durwood moved from NY to LA. Throughout 2016, Durwood architected what would become Take One Thing Off with Dave Darling riding shotgun in the producer’s chair. The 19-track album intermingles a hysterical stand-up set at underground Los Angeles comedy theater The Pack with songs loosely mapped over Scout’s time in New York.

TAGS: Comedy | Pop

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"Take One Thing Off"


  1. 1. Intro (Featuring Dave & The Darling)
  2. 2. Sex Positive
  3. 3. Take One Thing Off
  4. 4. Drinking
  5. 5. All The Pretty Bottles
  6. 6. Baseball Game
  7. 7. Fallin’ In Love
  8. 8. Men In LA
  9. 9. Brooklyn Ca. 2009
  10. 10. The NFL
  11. 11. The Wedding Song
  12. 12. I’m Cool, Right?
  13. 13. My Funny Valentine
  14. 14. Strip Club
  15. 15. Go Go
  16. 16. Anxiety Lions
  17. 17. Taxi Take Me Home
  18. 18. Hate Crime
  19. 19. Here We Are