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Scissor Sisters
Night Work

Scissor Sisters - Night Work

Night Work is the third album released by the Scissor Sisters. hails Night Work as 'more fuel for the dance floor' while Rolling Stone awarded three-and-a-half stars to album closer 'Invisible Light,' praising Jake Shears' deep-throated New Wave-y vocal about 'the doors of Babylon' and an 'opiate utopia.'

From the album cover - a shot by Robert Mapplethorpe - to its contents, Night Work pays homage to the club scene of the 1970's and 1980's. While inspired by the past, Night Work is really about an alternative future, a glorious imaging of where music might have taken us.

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"Fire With Fire"


  1. 1. Night Work
  2. 2. Whole New Way
  3. 3. Fire With Fire
  4. 4. Any Which Way
  5. 5. Harder You Get
  6. 6. Running Out
  7. 7. Something Like This
  8. 8. Skin This Cat
  9. 9. Skin Tight
  10. 10. Sex and Violence
  11. 11. Night Life
  12. 12. Invisible Light

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