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Schwartz Fox Blues Crusade
Sunday Morning Revival

Schwartz Fox Blues Crusade - Sunday Morning Revival

First ever release of 1967 studio recording from this Cleveland blues super group featuring Jim Fox (James Gang), Glenn Schwartz (Pacific Gas And Electric) and Bill Miller and Mike Sands (from Smog Veil's Mr Stress Blues Band release). Nine-song uptempo guitar and harp-driven blues rock crusher. First entry in Smog Veil's Platters du Cuyahoga, Series 2. Includes a 16-page booklet of extensive liner notes by Nick Blakey and never before published photos. LP is color vinyl with free download.

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"Checkin’ On My baby"


  1. 1. Ninety Nine
  2. 2. Sweet Little Angel
  3. 3. Baby Please Don’t Go
  4. 4. Evil
  5. 5. Sunday Morning Revival
  6. 6. Long Distance Call
  7. 7. Dissatisfied
  8. 8. Checkin’ On My baby
  9. 9. Dust My Broom