New Releases For June 4, 2013

Savoir Adore
Our Nature

Savoir Adore - Our Nature

Our Nature itself is both a collection of catchy indie pop songs and a dramatic narrative. 'Dreamers' functions as its prologue; on it, Muro insists her subject not worry and 'keep on sleeping,' while Hammer confronts the inevitable transience of dreaming: 'Where we are isn't just a place where everything remains.' And so Our Nature thrusts into its tenuous drama: the unlikely love story of Girl and Monster. At times as fantastical as its premise, at others as accessible as radio pop, the album seamlessly blends '60s invasion, '80s new wave and '90s alternative with a more contemporary, digital creative process.

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  1. 1. Dreamers
  2. 2. Cinema
  3. 3. Loveliest Creature
  4. 4. Sparrow
  5. 5. Imagination
  6. 6. Anywhere You Go
  7. 7. Our Nature
  8. 8. Regalia
  9. 9. At The Same Time
  10. 10. Beating Hearts
  11. 11. Empire Of Light
  12. 12. Speed Bump
  13. 13. Wild Davie
  14. 14. Sea Of Gold