New Releases For October 27, 2014

Saville Row
The Way Around It

Saville Row - The Way Around It

Saville Row began in 2011 when Troy Luccketta (drummer for the legendary band, Tesla) introduced Mika Greiner (former lead singer of Redline 5) to Marc Bonilla (Toy Matinee, Keith Emerson Band), a prominent guitarist and composer in the L.A. music scene. Marc and Mika began writing material in between television and movie projects and brought in Troy to handle drums and assist with the recording process.

Currently, the band's song, 'Last Goodbye,' has been featured on the hit show, Justified, and on the NBC hit show, Las Vegas, with their ballad, 'Hard To Let Go.'


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"Last Goodbye"


  1. 1. Insight
  2. 2. Out Of Reason
  3. 3. Lying To Myself
  4. 4. Everlasting Low
  5. 5. Hard To Let Go
  6. 6. Mayfly
  7. 7. Blessings
  8. 8. Deep Inside
  9. 9. Tidal Wave
  10. 10. Last Goodbye
  11. 11. Between The Eyes