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Satan's Host
Archidoxes Of Evil

Satan's Host - Archidoxes Of Evil

Satan's Host require no introduction; an American metal institution and one of the pioneers of both thrash and power metal. Through the decades Satan's Host have continually re-invented themselves, always remaining fresh, leading the pack of true US heavy metal. Archidoxes Of Evil was recorded in 2000 but never officially released. Moribund Records is proud to finally make this cult classic album officially available, remastered from the original source tapes and with new cover art. It includes a newly re-recorded version of the fan favorite “Nightside Of Eden” as a bonus.

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"Devil's Orison"


  1. Chapter 1: The Balance Of Necromantic Nature
  2. 1. Lilith, Consorting Lucifer
  3. 2. Devil's Orison
  4. 3. Spheric Destiny
  5. 4. Nightside Of Eden
  6. Chapter 2: Black Brothers Behind The Tree Of Evil
  7. 5. Plight Of The Magus
  8. 6. Circle Of Chaos
  9. 7. Melektaus (Instrumental)
  10. 8. Purified In Pain
  11. Chapter 3: Infernal Legions By Conjuring 666
  12. 9. Clan Of The Hellions
  13. 10. Shamanic Spectra
  14. 11. Nightside Of Eden - 2011 Version (Bonus Track)

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