New Releases For June 1, 2018

Sam Evian
You, Forever

Sam Evian - You, Forever

As it has been said: no matter where you go, there you are. With his new album You, Forever, Sam Evian, the project of New York-based musician, songwriter, and producer Sam Owens, is here to add some eternity to that sentiment. “This is you, forever,” he says. “It’s about accepting that you are responsible for you, that you’re in charge of your actions. Everything you do affects others and yourself, so, no matter what you choose to do, be there and learn from it.”

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"Health Machine"


  1. 1. IDGAF
  2. 2. Where Did You Go?
  3. 3. Health Machine
  4. 4. Anybody
  5. 5. Apple
  6. 6. Country
  7. 7. Next To You
  8. 8. Summer Day
  9. 9. Now I Feel It
  10. 10. You, Forever
  11. 11. Katie's Rhodes