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Salvador Santana
Keyboard City

Salvador Santana - Keyboard City

Keyboard City marks Salvador's departure into solo territory but features a collaboration with studio wizard Money Mark and for the first in a series of remixes, GZA of Wu-Tang Clan rallied support around the album by featuring himself on remix of the title track 'Keyboard City.'

The 26-year-old keyboardist, vocalist, composer, and songwriter began playing the drums at age three, but his true love was discovered when he began taking piano lessons when he was six. Keyboard City features a blend of funk, jazz, hip-hop and pop and will be supported by a national tour, including a stop at SXSW.


  1. We Got Somethin'
  2. Don't Even Care
  3. Under the Sun
  4. Video Game
  5. Save My Life
  6. Keyboard City
  7. Don't Do It
  8. This Day (Belongs to You)
  9. Truth Fears No Questions
  10. Salaboutmoney
  11. Get Silly
  12. Keep Smilin'