New Releases For September 9, 2016


SaltmanKnowles - Almost

On the cusp of 25 years together, SaltmanKnowles returns with Almost. Melodic, blusey, swingin', original compositions are the record's cornerstone. Inspired by writer Dan Barry's book, Bottom of the 33rd details the lives of the people associated with the longest baseball game. Pursue your muse relentlessly. To catch her is paradise. To almost catch her is equally so.

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"What Is This Thing Called Love?"


  1. 1. Across The Dead Sea
  2. 2. Alias
  3. 3. What Is This Thing Called Love?
  4. 4. Almost
  5. 5. I Remember Yusef
  6. 6. This Is New
  7. 7. McArthur
  8. 8. Behind The Wall
  9. 9. September In The Rain