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Pillar Of Na

Saintseneca - Pillar Of Na

Memory is the common thread running throughout the Columbus, Ohio folk-rock band’s fourth album, Pillar Of Na. Following 2015's critically lauded Such Things, the new album’s name is rooted in remembrance, referencing the Genesis story of Lot’s wife who looks back at a burning Sodom after God instructs her not to. She looks back, and God turns her into a pillar of salt. “Na,” meanwhile, is the chemical symbol for sodium. "Nah" is a passive refusal and the universal song word. It means nothing and stands for nothing. It is "as it is."

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"Ladder To The Sun"


  1. 1. Circle Hymn
  2. 2. Feverer
  3. 3. Beast In The Garden
  4. 4. Ladder To The Sun
  5. 5. Good Hand
  6. 6. Moon Barks At The Dog
  7. 7. Denarius
  8. 8. Timshel
  9. 9. Frostbiter
  10. 10. Pillar Of Na

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