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Sad Planets
Akron, Ohio

Sad Planets - Akron, Ohio

Two musicians and Akron natives - John Petkovic (Cobra Verde, Sweet Apple, Guided By Voices, Death Of Samantha) and Patrick Carney (Black Keys) - found a common bond over music that came out of the Akron area, but also the city’s glorious past and tumultuous present. Akron, Ohio is a celebration of their friendship. The debut album by Sad Planets is the product of two friends with storied careers and beloved bands coming getting together to have fun and record a batch of songs on the spot, in the moment. The 10-song album mixes deft songwriting with experimental and eclectic sounds played on a multitude of instruments.

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"Yesterday Girls"


  1. 1. Just Landed
  2. 2. Not Of This World
  3. 3. Yesterday Girls
  4. 4. City Ghosts
  5. 5. Bad Cells
  6. 6. Want You To Want You
  7. 7. (Falling Into The Arms Of A) Refugee
  8. 8. Long Goodbye
  9. 9. Heaven's Devils
  10. 10. Disappearing