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Sacri Monti
Waiting Room For The Magic Hour

Sacri Monti - Waiting Room For The Magic Hour

Waiting Room For The Magic Hour sees Sacri Monti firing on all cylinders, somersaulting between the spontaneous and musically calculated. Blues rock, prog rock, proto metal, fusion; it’s all masterfully represented, as brash as it is beautiful. Heaps of fuzzed vocals, waves of keyboards, boogie rhythms, and sick, spiraling leads merge with focus, energy and drive to send Sacri Monti soaring to a next level, riff-filled land. Proggy space rock jams erupt as melodies segue in and out, while vocals drift over the top, seemingly lost in the instrumental sea.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Psych | Rock

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"Gone From Grace"


  1. 1. Waiting Room For The Magic Hour
  2. 2. Fear And Fire
  3. 3. Armistice
  4. 4. Starlight
  5. 5. Affirmation
  6. 6. Gone From Grace
  7. 7. Wading In Malcesine
  8. 8. You Beautiful Demon

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 02
    San Diego, CA, US Drug Hunt, SACRI MONTI, and Mindblow at The Casbah
  • Apr 29
    London, UK Desertfest London 2022
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