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Ryan Perry
High Risk, Low Reward

Ryan Perry - High Risk, Low Reward

Like all the great artists, Ryan Perry isn’t afraid to rip it up and start again. Since 2007, the Mississippi bandleader has blazed a reputation in the award-winning Homemade Jamz Blues Band. But when it came to his solo debut, Perry took a leap of faith and trusted his talent to land him safe on the other side. Now, High Risk, Low Reward announces the touchdown of a solo artist to treasure. “This album,” he says, “was the hardest thing I’ve done to date.”

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: March 13, 2020 ON Ruf

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"High Risk, Low Reward"


  1. 1. Ain't Afraid To Eat Alone
  2. 2. Homesick
  3. 3. Pride
  4. 4. A Heart I Didn't Break
  5. 5. Why I Sing The Blues
  6. 6. One Thing's For Certain
  7. 7. High Risk, Low Reward
  8. 8. Changing Blues
  9. 9. Oh No
  10. 10. Evil Is Going On
  11. 11. Hard Times