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Hold Your Fire (Vinyl Reissue)

Rush - Hold Your Fire (Vinyl Reissue)

Released in September, 1987, Hold Your Fire - Rush's 12th studio album - continues the band's commitment to exploring new songwriting territory, with Aimee Mann contributing vocals to “Open Secrets” and “Time Stand Still.” Remastered on 200-gram, heavyweight vinyl at legendary Abbey Road Studios using the Direct to Metal Mastering (DMM) audiophile copper plating process, all from original analogue masters.


  1. SIDE A:
  2. 1. Force Ten
  3. 2. Time Stand Still
  4. 3. Open Secrets
  5. 4. Second Nature
  6. 5. Prime Mover
  7. SIDE B:
  8. 1. Lock And Key
  9. 2. Turn The Page
  10. 3. Tai Shan
  11. 4. High Water

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