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Ruby The Hatchet
Planetary Space Child

Ruby The Hatchet - Planetary Space Child

Recorded in an 1800s era estate deep in the Pennsylvania woods Planetary Space Child is the highly-anticipated new LP from Philadelphia's Ruby The Hatchet. The album showcases richly layered songs that unite heavy, doomy psychedelia with acid rock, proto-prog and melodic, hypnotic song craft. Boasting a bouncy creepiness, weighty sonic palette and dark, lush layers of experimentation, the album's bulk forges a hypnotic, head-nodding nirvana while electric vocalist Jillian Taylor spins haunting tales of dreams and death. With Planetary Space Child, it's clear that Ruby The Hatchet aren't just staying present or looking ahead; they're simply breaking away. LP first pressing on clear midnight blue vinyl.

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  1. 1. Planetary Space Child
  2. 2. Killer
  3. 3. Pagan Ritual
  4. 4. The Fool
  5. 5. Symphony Of The Night
  6. 6. Gemini
  7. 7. Lightning Strikes Again