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Roy Orbison
One Of The Lonely Ones

Roy Orbison - One Of The Lonely Ones

One Of The Lonely Ones is the newly discovered, never-before-heard, 1969 Roy Orbison album that has never been released until now. Recorded primarily between January and August of 1969 this album is an honest account, arguably more so than any other, of Roy Orbison's life. This album is mixed and expertly mastered by Grammy winning engineers. Package features new, period appropriate, original artwork.


  1. 1. You’ll Never Walk Alone
  2. 2. Say No More
  3. 3. Leaving Makes The Rain Come Down
  4. 4. Laurie
  5. 5. Sweet Memories
  6. 6. One Of The Lonely Ones
  7. 7. Child Woman, Woman Child
  8. 8. The Defector
  9. 9. Give Up
  10. 10. Little Girl (In The Big City)
  11. 11. After Tonight
  12. 12. I Will Always

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