New Releases For October 26, 2010

Roy Clark
The Last Word In Jesus Is Us

Roy Clark - The Last Word In Jesus Is Us

Roy Clark is one of the most exciting and popular country performers of all-time. He is recognized as one of the best musicians in country music, as well as being one of the finest proponents of gospel music.

Roy grew up on country, bluegrass, and gospel, and his frequent performances of gospel music on the long-running Hee Haw television show helped further expand gospel's popularity to his audience.

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"The Last Word in Jesus Is Us"


  1. 1. The Last Word in Jesus Is Us
  2. 2. Would They Love Him Down In Shreveport
  3. 3. Safely in the Arms of Jesus
  4. 4. Come Back Home
  5. 5. I Would Crawl All the Way (To The River)
  6. 6. Help Me
  7. 7. Heaven Bound
  8. 8. (There'll Be) Peace in the Valley
  9. 9. Look What He's Done To My Life
  10. 10. Shinin' Face

  11. Bonus Tracks:
  12. 11. Onward Christian Soldiers
  13. 12. Just A Closer Walk with Thee
  14. 13. Wait A Little Longer, Please Jesus