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Ross Jack
Self Medicated

Ross Jack - Self Medicated

Johannesburg born Ross Jack unleashes his unique brand of hip-hop with the release of Self Medicated. The album is a perfect blend of Ross Jack's influences, taking the best sounds of rap, R&B, soul, trip hop, and pop to produce a unique style he refers to as "stoner pop." Ross Jack succeeds by blurring the lines between genres, creating an album appealing to fans of the electro-pop sounds of the Weeknd, and the smoked-out swagger-filled bars of Mac Miller alike. Backed by lush production and massive hooks, Self Medicated establishes Ross Jack as an artist to watch in 2017.

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"Fear The Rush"


  1. 1. Fear The Rush
  2. 2. Faded
  3. 3. Blow (Featuring Lula Beggs)
  4. 4. Rocknrolla (Featuring Hydro)
  5. 5. Fall
  6. 6. Gold Plated (Featuring Hydro)
  7. 7. Running Late (Featuring B.K.)
  8. 8. Burning Man (Featuring B.K.)
  9. 9. Insecure
  10. 10. Air Up There
  11. 11. Mercy