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Rory Kelly
Kings Never Sleep

Rory Kelly - Kings Never Sleep

Blame it on the heady highs in the air that permeates the Black Mountains of North Carolina, but the state has produced an artist in Rory Kelly that will surely bring new dimension to the tour de force that is America's beloved southern rock.

Kings Never Sleep is poised to be the album to help bring Rory Kelly's name to marquee's far and wide.

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"Lay To Waste"


  1. 1. Lay To Waste
  2. 2. Kings Never Sleep
  3. 3. Black Widow
  4. 4. Walking Wounded
  5. 5. Menace To Society
  6. 6. Wouldn't Listen
  7. 7. Stood Your Ground
  8. 8. Hittin' The Bottom
  9. 9. 16 Tons
  10. 10. Hasta La Muerta

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