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Rory Kelly
(Don't Shake My) Family Tree

Rory Kelly - (Don't Shake My) Family Tree

Guitar aficionado Rory Kelly has released his debut album, (Don't Shake My) Family Tree, on North Carolina based Rusty Knuckles Music. The record is a reflection of his signature sound rooted in hard southern rock and inlaid with blues based boogie that fuels the guitarists' appetite for fast leads. Kelly joined forces with his father, Mike 'Pops' Kelly, on the project. The transgressive style of bassist Billy Miller lends itself to a swaggering dynamic between the three.

Southern rock fans everywhere are sure to embrace what amounts to Kelly's fresh meditation on the dirty South.

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"(Don't Shake My) Family Tree"


  1. 1. (Don't Shake My) Family Tree
  2. 2. The Waiting Game
  3. 3. Go To Man
  4. 4. Hooks In Me
  5. 5. Hell Of A Way To Get By
  6. 6. Precious Time
  7. 7. Low
  8. 8. Searchin' For An Angel
  9. 9. Red King
  10. 10. It Wasn't The First Time
  11. 11. Don't Get Mad, Get Even
  12. 12. Say Goodbye

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