New Releases For March 18, 2014

Roof Down

Roof Down - Commercial

New grunge from Sweden

The hit singles 'Like The Way He Is' and 'Rocket Ride' have been put on Grammy-nominated Al Walser's Top 20 list. Songs will also be on a coming Swedish film, Vilsen, where lead singer Johan Sjöberg also has an acting part.

'[Rocket Ride is] a formidable hard-rocking anthem, with nice novel touches in the arrangement... Very creative... well done! This comes off as a song with sing-along hooks - wholly reminiscent of Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam... the melody and instrumental are a bulls-eye.' - Chuck Taylor (Billboard critic/contributor)

Also available on vinyl.

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"Like the Way He Is"


  1. 1. I'll Be There
  2. 2. Like the Way He Is
  3. 3. Different
  4. 4. Transformer Man
  5. 5. Nine
  6. 6. Rocket Ride
  7. 7. Indecisive
  8. 8. Here Comes the Rain
  9. 9. Without You
  10. 10. Jewellery