New Releases For August 4, 2017

Ronny Smith
Shake It Up

Ronny Smith - Shake It Up

A bold display of instrumental power and compositional skill; a perfect groove to open the door to a wonderful summer paradise. All tracks are original compositions written, produced, arranged and programmed by Ronny Smith who is also featured on guitars, on the aptly named Shake It Up.

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"Coast To Coast"


  1. 1. Coast To Coast
  2. 2. Bettin' It All On Black
  3. 3. Chasing Your Love
  4. 4. In The Rain With You
  5. 5. Shake It Up
  6. 6. Back It Up
  7. 7. Feel For You
  8. 8. Dark And Lovely
  9. 9. End Over End
  10. 10. When The Sun Goes Down

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