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Ronny Smith
Raise The Roof

Ronny Smith - Raise The Roof

It is perhaps George Benson that Smith’s style is closest to. Hear the Benson-esque flourishes on tracks like “Brighter Day,” “Me Time” and “On It,” while for different vibes try the big “Brazilian Dancer” (the set’s obvious Latin cut), the loping and lazy “Cool Breeze,” or the slower groove of “Say Again.” Ronny does not just do smooth though; you want funk? Then try the tough and bassy opener “Breaded Funk Well Done” or the sparse cover of Bill Withers’ “Use Me.” The final track is a faithful instrumental take on Leon Russell’s wistful “Superstar.”

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"Breaded Funk Well Done"


  1. 1. Breaded Funk Well Done
  2. 2. A Brighter Day
  3. 3. Me Time
  4. 4. Raise The Roof
  5. 5. Say Again
  6. 6. On It
  7. 7. Cool Breeze
  8. 8. Brazilian Dancer
  9. 9. Use Me
  10. 10. Superstar

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