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Ronny Smith
Coastal Sunset

Ronny Smith - Coastal Sunset

Coastal Sunset is a trendy and modern, funkalicious, Latin tinged, and appealing makeup of attractive instrumentation. Ronny Smith has brought his energetic and modern approach in these self-written tracks. Whether you like it trendy and modern funky or Latin, Ronny reveals an array of colors, moods and textures that build an appealing makeup of attractive instrumentation. Listeners get a beachfront view of calmly rolling azure-hued riffs clinging to the shoreline while caressed by the leisurely movements of the wind.

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"Who Dat Said"


  1. 1. String Of Hearts
  2. 2. Who Dat Said
  3. 3. Hipped Swing Go Go
  4. 4. Coastal Sunset
  5. 5. Feelin Froggy
  6. 6. Blues Like This
  7. 7. Island Maiden
  8. 8. Let The Feeling Flow
  9. 9. For You
  10. 10. Love And Happiness

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