New Releases For November 4, 2014

Ronnie Fauss
Built To Break

Ronnie Fauss - Built To Break

It's safe to say the word unique applies to the entire collection, from the Dylan-inspired 'I'm Sorry Baby (That's Just the Way It Goes),' to the song in which Fauss addresses actual country - as in countryside: the aptly titled 'A Place Out In The Country.' But the twang in this sweet mid-tempo melody owes more to Jackson Browne's neck of the woods than Texas or Tennessee.


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"Eighteen Wheels"


  1. 1. Another Town
  2. 2. A Natural End
  3. 3. The Big Catch
  4. 4. Eighteen Wheels
  5. 5. A Place Out In The Country
  6. 6. Never Gonna Last
  7. 7. I'm Sorry Baby (That's Just The Way It Goes)
  8. 8. Song For Zula
  9. 9. I Can't Make You Happy
  10. 10. Old Life
  11. 11. Come On Down

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