New Releases For August 30, 2019

Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters
Beyond The Blue Door

Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters - Beyond The Blue Door

Out now, the release of the latest CD from the blues guitar master and his band, the Broadcasters, Behind The Blue Door. Ronnie Earl believes in the power of music to heal the mind and spirit, and that’s quickly evident in the 15 tracks on his new disc. Special guests on the new album include David Bromberg, acoustic guitar and vocals; Kim Wilson, harmonica and vocals; Greg Piccolo, tenor sax; Anthony Geraci, piano; and Peter Ward, guitar.

TAGS: Americana | Blues

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"Brand New Me"


  1. 1. Brand New Me
  2. 2. Baby How Long
  3. 3. Drowning In My Own Tears
  4. 4. Alexis' Song
  5. 5. The Sweetest Man
  6. 6. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
  7. 7. A Soul That’s Been Abused
  8. 8. Why Can't We Live Together
  9. 9. Blues With A Feeling
  10. 10. T-Bone Stomp
  11. 11. Wolf Song
  12. 12. Peace Of Mind
  13. 13. Drowning In A Sea Of Love
  14. 14. Bringing Light (To A Dark Time)
  15. 15. Blues For Charlottesville

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