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Ronnie Dunn
Ronnie Dunn

Ronnie Dunn - Ronnie Dunn

His voice has helped define the soundtrack of country music for two decades, and now Ronnie Dunn is poised to continue that legacy with the release of his self-titled solo debut album. A 12-track collection, Ronnie Dunn captures the multi-award-winning singer/songwriter's most complete musical vision, produced solely by Dunn, with nine songs that he wrote or co-wrote.

It's the album he's always wanted to make, and Ronnie Dunn delivers in a big way, from the stirring poignancy of the smash first single, 'Bleed Red,' to the energized cantina-country of the Dunn/Terry McBride co-write, 'How Far to Waco,' the all-too-real everyman's portrait of 'Cost of Livin',' and the devastating, heart-on-the-line balladry of the Dunn-penned 'Last Love I'm Tryin'.' The collection kicks-off with the party-time opener, 'Singer in a Cowboy Band' (penned by Dunn and Craig Wiseman), and closes with another Dunn co-write, the soulful 'Love Owes Me One.'

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"Bleed Red"


  1. 1. Singer In A Cowboy Band
  2. 2. I Don't Dance
  3. 3. Your Kind Of Love
  4. 4. How Far To Waco
  5. 5. Once
  6. 6. Cost Of Livin'
  7. 7. Bleed Red
  8. 8. Last Love I'm Tryin'
  9. 9. Let The Cowboy Rock
  10. 10. I Can't Help Myself
  11. 11. I Just Get Lonely
  12. 12. Love Owes Me One