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Ron Gallo
Stardust Birthday Party

Ron Gallo - Stardust Birthday Party

Stardust Birthday Party is about what is happening underneath all of this life stuff. My path inward. The details of my path are pointless because everyone’s path is different. It is about me sitting with myself for the first time and confronting the big question, ‘What am I, really?’ It’s about the love and compassion for all things that enters when you find out you are nothing and everything. I think at one point I wanted to change the world, but now I know I can only change myself, or rather just strip away everything that is not me to reveal the only thing that’s ever been there. And that’s what this album is about.” - Ron Gallo

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"Do You Love Your Company?"


  1. 1. Who Are You? (Point To It!)
  2. 2. Always Elsewhere
  3. 3. Prison Décor
  4. 4. Party Tumor
  5. 5. Do You Love Your Company?
  6. 6. “You” Are The Problem
  7. 7. OM
  8. 8. It’s All Gonna Be OK
  9. 9. I Wanna Die (Before I Die)
  10. 10. Love Supreme (Work Together!)
  11. 11. The Password
  12. 12. Bridge Crossers
  13. 13. Happy Deathday

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