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Roger Chapman
Life In The Pond

Roger Chapman - Life In The Pond

A studio album by Roger Chapman is always an event. Since 1966, when the British singer-songwriter emerged as the voice of his generation with the seminal Family band, through every twist of his four-decade solo career, Chappo's output has defied music industry protocol, challenged genre, and held up a mirror to the times. "I've never stopped writing," he reflects, "and with Life In The Pond, I felt the need to hear what I'd put down in music." Added Chapman of the album, "it's about nostalgia for the different musical styles that influenced my life” … “American rock from the '50s to now. British R'n'B from the '60s, like Georgie Fame, the Stones, Zoot Money.”

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: June 25, 2021 ON Ruf
TAGS: Blues Rock | Rock

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"The Playtime Is Over"


  1. 1. Dark Side Of The Stars
  2. 2. The Playtime Is Over
  3. 3. Nightmare #5
  4. 4. Rabbit Got The Gun
  5. 5. After The Rain
  6. 6. Having Us A Honey Moon
  7. 7. Snake
  8. 8. On Lavender Heights
  9. 9. Green As Guacamole (Gag)
  10. 10. Collar Turned Up
  11. 11. Naughty Child