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Roberto Fonseca

Roberto Fonseca - Yo

In the years since touring with Buena Vista Social Club, thanks to an innovative artistic sense that has never shied away from eclecticism and multiculturalism, Fonseca and his music have become the bridge between the traditional sounds and the new voice of Cuban music.

His new album, Yo - which translates to 'I' or 'me' in his native Spanish - is Fonseca's most daring recording to date. Recorded in a single week in Paris, Yo is a finely crafted blend of traditional acoustic instruments with elements of cutting-edge electronica - a mesmerizing musical alchemy that pays homage to Cuba's African roots while at the same time updating the country's rich musical lineage.

TAGS: Jazz | World

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  1. 1. 80's
  2. 2. Bibisa
  3. 3. Mi Negra Ave María
  4. 4. 7 Rayos
  5. 5. El Soñador Está Cansado
  6. 6. Chabani
  7. 7. Gnawa Stop
  8. 8. El Mayor
  9. 9. JMF
  10. 10. Así Es La Vida
  11. 11. Quien Soy Yo
  12. 12. Rachel
  13. 13. Bibisa Remix
  14. 14. 80's Remix

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 24
    Wolfisheim, France Wolfi Jazz 2021
  • Jun 25
    Milan, Italy Roberto Fonseca at Piano City Milano - House concert
  • Jun 30
    Basel, Switzerland Roberto Fonseca at Kunstmuseum Basel - Innenhof
  • Jul 01
    Samois-sur-Seine, France Roberto Fonseca at Festival Django Reinhardt
  • Jul 02
    Vienne, France Alfredo Rodriguez and Richard Bona with Roberto Fonseca at Théâtre Antique
  • Jul 03
    Vitrolles, France Roberto Fonseca at Charlie Jazz Festival
  • Jul 04
    Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France Roberto Fonseca and Charley Rose Trio at Jazz à Oloron - Des Rives et des Notes
  • Jul 06
    Montreux, Switzerland Roberto Fonseca at Montreux Jazz Festival
  • Jul 07
    Sofia, Bulgaria Roberto Fonseca at Sofia Live Club
  • Jul 08
    Sofia, Bulgaria Roberto Fonseca at Sofia Live Club
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