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Robert Cunningham Jr.
Deep Within

Robert Cunningham Jr. - Deep Within

Deep Within spotlights Cunningham’s originals, including lead track, “Asianese,” a duet with saxophonist Pamela Williams, but it also includes covers by Stevie Wonder and Sade. The album will please traditionalists as well as those who like a bit of groove in their tunes. Cunningham’s saxophone converses with the listener, his instrumental prowess giving the melodies in his riffs and passages a unique voice, particularly evident on songs such as “Getting Ahead Of Things.” The track also includes dreamy vocals and adds elements of funk to his steamy saxophone work. It’s that melding of beat and melody that make Deep Within a compelling listen.

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"Dream Catcher"


  1. 1. Asianese Duet
  2. 2. Rocket Lovers
  3. 3. It Could Be Sooner Than You Think
  4. 4. Kisses Of Life
  5. 5. Dream Catcher
  6. 6. Getting Ahead Of Things
  7. 7. Body Language
  8. 8. Rock With You