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Rob Schneider
Registered Offender

Rob Schneider - Registered Offender

Emmy-nominated Rob Schneider debuts with his first ever comedy album Registered Offender, 16 tracks of sketch comedy with Rob performing (and singing) every voice on the album!

Rob has co-written and appeared in numerous comedies including Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and The Hot Chick as well as in nearly every Adam Sandler comedy made.

A dedicated music lover, Registered Offender also includes the full on music track 'She's Gonna Come' featuring members from The Night Marchers and other music influenced comedy tracks.

TAGS: Comedy | Live

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"Yoko and Julian"


  1. 1. What I Want
  2. 2. Iraq Love
  3. 3. Yoko and Julian
  4. 4. She's Gonna Come
  5. 5. Swain The Legend
  6. 6. Virtual Kidnappers
  7. 7. Car Wash
  8. 8. The Perfect Shit
  9. 9. Agent For Porn Stars
  10. 10. Sex Offenders
  11. 11. The Liar Corp
  12. 12. Welcome To The Jungle
  13. 13. Sea Of Jizz
  14. 14. Mom and Dad Party
  15. 15. Graduation Speech
  16. 16. Bonus Outro