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Riley Downing
Start It Over

Riley Downing - Start It Over

Riley Downing of the Deslondes sat down one day and decided he wanted to record a song or two for a simple 45. The Deslondes had been on a hiatus for a while and Downing had the creative itch to record. He had been in contact with his bandmate, John James Tourville and they decided to record a split 7” with a friend. That recording session felt like a breath of fresh air and the communion of talented musicians produced more songs than expected. Start It Over is the result of that creative effort.

TAGS: Americana | Rock

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"Deep Breath"


  1. SIDE A:
  2. 1. I’m Not Ready
  3. 2. Deep Breath
  4. 3. Coleman Rose
  5. 4. Good To See Ya
  6. 5. Looking Forward
  7. 6. Start It Over
  8. SIDE B:
  9. 1. Never Coming Home
  10. 2. Hey! Mister
  11. 3. Won’t Somebody Play
  12. 4. Doing It Wrong
  13. 5. Crazy
  14. 6. I’m Right There With You