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This Is Not A Safe Place

RIDE - This Is Not A Safe Place

RIDE return with the sixth studio album of their career. As with their previous album, the highly acclaimed Weather Diaries, Erol Alkan was in the producer’s chair, whilst career-long collaborator Alan Moulder (with Caesar Edmunds) mixed the album. The album’s title was inspired by one of the hobo code symbols once used by those who traveled the railroads of the US, and then found in the early artwork of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The phrase clearly resonates with the current state of the world politically and environmentally. This Is Not A Safe Place is arguably the RIDE album with the broadest sonic palette thus far.

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"Future Love"


  1. 1. R.I.D.E.
  2. 2. Future Love
  3. 3. Repetition
  4. 4. Kill Switch
  5. 5. Clouds Of Saint Marie
  6. 6. Eternal Recurrence
  7. 7. 15 Minutes
  8. 8. Jump Jet
  9. 9. Dial Up
  10. 10. End Game
  11. 11. Shadows Behind The Sun
  12. 12. In This Room

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