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Rick James
Super Freak Live 1982 (DVD)

Rick James - Super Freak Live 1982 (DVD)

R&B legend Rick James was one of the most influential black musicians of all time. As an artist, songwriter and producer, James provided the funky hits that resuscitated Motown Records in the late '70s. His punk funk sound updated the label's style and saw it through the mid-'80s. By 1981, Rick was at the peak of his commercial success with the platinum selling Street Songs album and the hit singles 'Super Freak' and 'Give It to Me Baby.'

The following year, Rick James & the Stone City Band took the stage in Essen, Germany to open the 10th Rockpalast Festival. This 1982 performance was the first time James played in Europe, bringing his brand of American punk funk to a whole new audience. Together with the Stone City Band, James did not disappoint, burning up the stage with his trademark sound and special effects.

This DVD is now being re-released with 3 bonus tracks, and features classic hits like 'You and I,' 'Mary Jane,' and of course, 'Super Freak.' This is Rick James at his very best. Super Freak 1982 is not only a must-have collector's item but also a fitting tribute to an R&B legend.

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  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Ghetto Life
  3. 3. Big Time
  4. 4. All Day All Night
  5. 5. Freaky
  6. 6. Fire It Up
  7. 7. Love Gun
  8. 8. Guitar Solo
  9. 9. Harp Solo (Call Me Up)
  10. 10. Big Day
  11. 11. Standing On The Top
  12. 12. Mary Jane
  13. 13. Mary Jane March
  14. 14. You And I
  15. 15. Give It To Me Baby
  16. 16. Super Freak

  17. BONUS TRACKS: 1. Mary Jane
  18. 2. Super Freak (With Extended Jam & Drum Solo)
  19. 3. Hard To Get