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Richard Lloyd

Richard Lloyd - Countdown

A pivotal fixture of the 1970s New York rock scene, Television's improvisational, intelligent brand of avant-garde punk earned their reputation as a landmark act of the historic CBGB's landscape, as well as an influence for generations of punk and alternative bands. Richard Lloyd's technical guitar proficiency was a key component to the band's unique sound, which established their debut Marquee Moon (1977) as one of the defining albums of the era. On Countdown, Lloyd creates an honest, natural expression with his stylized guitar sound and swagger. Deluxe edition includes an autographed CD and copy of his book, Everything Is Combustible.

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  1. 1. Wind In The Rain
  2. 2. Smoke
  3. 3. So Sad
  4. 4. Run
  5. 5. Whisper
  6. 6. I Can Tell
  7. 7. Just My Heart
  8. 8. Something Remains
  9. 9. Down The Drain
  10. 10. Countdown

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 16
    Brooklyn, NY, US Richard Lloyd at Our Wicked Lady
  • Sep 17
    New Haven, CT, US Richard Lloyd at Cafe Nine
  • Sep 18
    Providence, RI, US Richard Lloyd at Askew
  • Sep 29
    Marlboro, NY, US Richard Lloyd at The Falcon
  • Sep 30
    Yarmouth, MA, US Richard Lloyd at The Music Room Cape Cod
  • Oct 01
    South Egremont, MA, US Richard Lloyd at The Egremont Barn
  • Oct 02
    Troy, NY, US Richard Lloyd at The Hangar on the Hudson
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