New Releases For June 3, 2014

Rich Robinson
The Ceaseless Sight

Rich Robinson - The Ceaseless Sight

Rich Robinson, founding member, songwriter and guitarist of the Black Crowes, is proud to release his third solo album The Ceaseless Sight. Having sold well over 30 million albums throughout a career that spans over 25 years, his new album represents the full evolution of Robinson as a songwriter, a vocalist, and a solo artist.

Says Robinson, 'My new record follows the path of my musical journey I've been on for 25 years. I feel a strong connection to where I've been musically, but more importantly where I'm going.'

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"One Road Hill"


  1. 1. I Know You
  2. 2. Down The Road
  3. 3. One Road Hill
  4. 4. The Giving Key
  5. 5. This Unfortunate Show
  6. 6. In Comes The Night
  7. 7. Inside
  8. 8. I Have A Feeling
  9. 9. I Remember
  10. 10. In You
  11. 11. Trial And Faith
  12. 12. Obscure The Day

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